CanMod Perspective Render


Term: Winter 2016
Team: Ian Dayagbil, Brent Haynes, Kristine Prochnau
Charrette hosted by: Enactus Ottawa
Location: Iqaluit, Nunavut
Architectural Typology: Housing

The Brief

Housing in harsh climates presents myriad of challenges. Cost, Durability, Sustainability. What place does architecture and design have in seemingly utilitarian issues? The Sea Container Charrette was a weekend design session organized by EnactusUOttawa that asked: do Shipping Containers hold the answer?

The Charrette included established Architects that advised on us the mechanics of shipping containers. Our design calls for housing type – the Can-Mod – that is both an autonomous unit, but capable of modular expansion through adjacent construction. The resulting geometry – resembling that of an open hand – can be reconfigured according to different urban block types and programmatic requirements.

My team included Brent Haynes and Kristine Prochnau. Find more of their work at the links below.

K. Prochnau B. Haynes