Urban Design & Large Architecture

Feedmill Innovation District

Published in Building 22 (2017 Edition)
Recipient of an Award of Merit from the 2017 City of Ottawa Urban Design Awards

Term: Winter 2017
ARCU3304: Urbanism On The Periphery
Professor: C. Bonier
T: Urban Edge Studio // New Huntmar

East LeBreton Flats Housing

The East LeBreton Flats Masterplan reimagines LeBreton through exploring its place as both a destination and as a neighborhood. What typologies can be deployed to both distinguish and blur the public and the private? We answer this through three mechanisms for design: circulation, podium/plinths, and typology-mixing. Thereby resulting in three design moves: the lacing bridges, the linking logs, and the Asticou towns.

These lacing bridges act both as buffer and concentrator for commercial activity and produce an unparalleled commercial atmosphere.

The Linking Log buildings along Canada Drive explore the use of skygardens and plinths as a means to achieve varied and multiple semi-private spaces along one of the busiest and animated streets.

The Asticou towns explore the interlocking of commercial and residential structures with constrained lot depths and proportions.

This project ultimately explores the notion of typology as the framework to explore housing as a means of city building.

Term: Winter 2017
ARCU4303: Housing Studio
Professor: B. Gianni
Project Partner: Christophe Young
T: Prototypical Urban Communities

Hammerhead Spa Grounds

Chamartin Expo Station

Mapping and Geospatial Analysis

Route 45: Crossing
Route 45 Fictitious Mapping

Faculty Honor Award

Term: 2017
Director's Project: 2017: Border Crossing
T:: Conflicts. Migrations. Checkpoints. Visas. Quotas. Exclusions. Interrogations. Exceptions. Accommodations. Protections.

Artifact & Atlas

Mapping is a practice that catalogs the physical and the cultural. That which is built and imagined. It is a practice becomes vehicles for both how we see the past and how construe our futures. Artifact and Atlas is double-sided triptych that explores the ways in which opposing views and agendas might manifest themselves in the depiction of places and in the imaging of our cities.

Term: Winter 2018
ARCU4304: Urbanism in Practice 4: Global Context
Professor: O. Saloojee
Project Partner: Charles-Étienne Déry
T: Public Polis / Fluid Infrastructure

Salt and Gold


Speculative Design

Term: Fall 2016
ARCU4801: Selected Topics In Urbanism
Professor: C. Bonier
T: Between Architecture And Infrastructure

The Waste Imperative

The Waste Imperative is an extract from the larger Insert Urbanism project. The Waste Imperative addresses the crisis of waste management in cities.

Term: Winter 2018
ARCU4304: Urbanism in Practice 4: Global Context
Professor: O. Salojee
T: Public Polis / Fluid Infrastructure
T2: Phase 3: Equity
T3: Insert Urbanism: The Wast Imperative Extract

Experiments & Digital Technologies

Digital Reef

The Digital Reef project was an introduction into the process and practice of fabrication. The model’s base was cut via a computer numerical control (CNC) router, solid models 3D printed, and soft models laser cut and folded from paper.

Term: Fall 2015
Professor: J. Voordouw
ARNC2105: Digital Modelling
Software: Rhino + Grasshopper

Osseous Fragments

Deluge Diagrams

Parametric Lifecycles

Phantom Surfaces

Texts and Fragments

Deluge Machines
Reticulated Orbital Drop Factory Cannons
Imago Dei