Feedmill Innovation District

A Multi-Scalar Strategy

Published in Building 22 (2017 Edition)
Recipient of an Award of Merit from the 2017 City of Ottawa Urban Design Awards

Term: Winter 2017
ARCU3304: Urbanism On The Periphery
Professor: C. Bonier
T: Urban Edge Studio // New Huntmar

Process and Design Framework

This comprehensive urbanism studio project embraces design as a multi-scalar endeavor. As the second part of the Urbanism studio sequence, the scale of intervention is significantly larger at 52 acres of land. Our studio was kindly sponsored by Brocollini Developments. This meant that whilst our projects were injected with a hefty dose of theory-crafting and exploration, we never strayed from a grounded perspective.

My development plan consists of strategies in phasing, regional programming, brand identity, and with typological deployment. My process builds on the same framework used to conduct last term’s Sub-Arc(h)tic project.

Regional Strategy

We can effectively wrap a “tech-belt” around the green belt with an innovation corridor running down the 417. LRT-serviced & highway-near Suburban areas are prime locations for technology companies as it provides them adequate room for growth without sacrificing accessibility.

Massing Strategy

Streetscape Strategy